Episode I - The Girl with the Dog.
In year 2114 AD, many things have changed in our Solar System. Colonies have been installed in the outer planets and a huge orbital station has been constructed in the Earth's orbit. Its called "New Babel" and is inhabited by more than four million people from all the ethnic groups of Earth. And humankind has discovered that we aren't alone in the Universe!
Text Editor : Jeremy C. Shipp

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Episode II - What!? Can't we be good friends?
What's up with Elliot Moonstroke? Will he feel bad or worse about his guests? Alien girls can be cuties, but sometimes they're embarrassing and, every once in a while, dangerous ! Don't be afraid, Elliot ! Your troubles are just beginning!
Text Editor : Jeremy C. Shipp

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Episode III - Let's go to School together!
Massive floods of space aliens comes to Earth with only one goal: fun! How will Earth's native cultures be changed by this new kind of melting pot? In order to control this subtle cultural override, Earth's governments establish some cultural barriers! Oh, yes: Elliot meets another girl...a Martian girl !
Text Editor : Jeremy C. Shipp

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Episode IV - A Puppet for three Pupetters.
How many problems can one troublesome girl cause a guy? More than enough, huh!? So, try to figure out what could happen if that guy has not only one but three troublesome girls running after him! This time, Elliot is confronted by his first infatued admirer!
Text Editor : Jeremy C. Shipp

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Episode V - Listen to the Voice of the True Love.
Is your love a true love? Is your mate a trustful one? And first of all are you a trustful person? Maybe a time-travel would answer these questions! ...or not! Are you ready for an encounter with your true feelings, Elliot Moonstroke?
Text Editor : Tony Dorr

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Episode VI - Lonely Red Star.
Twinkle Quasar, the charming Martian girl, is beauty, proud and whealty. So, she must be a happy person, right? Or not? What's her truly face? What kind of secret she's keeping behind the walls of Martian Embassy on New Babel? Be careful, Elliot! Many things are changing in your life!
Text Editor : Tony Dorr

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Episode VII - The Golden Girl from Venus - Part #1.
Watch out, guys! Sarah Goldstone is back! The lively dark-tanned gold-haired girl that broken Elliot's heart come to scene again and this time she's not for kidding. And about Elliot's heart : looks like some new feelings are arising into it ...and Mizar knows what kind of feelings they are.
Text Editor : Mingyu Lee

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Episode VIII - The Golden Girl from Venus - Part #2.
Sarah Goldstone is the hot-tempered girl from the hot golden planet Venus. She's energetic, athletic and love to play games. Now it's time to play a different game. A game which can defines Elliot's true feelings and Mizar's destiny.

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